Day 19 – Sweetpea & Betty work placement

 Modern Retro Lampstand 


I started to sand off the original colour napleonic blue to reveal the wood underneath but it was a bigger task than I first thought. I only had today and tomorrow to finish this lamp therefore I just painted two coats of cream over the blue.

IMG_1692 IMG_1714

Whilst the lamp stand was drying I chose 4 main colours that I thought fit the modern retro style. Before painting straight onto my lamp I got a wooden board to experiment onto. I thought about complementary colours and how I could display them on the lamp. I decided to use masking tape and section off areas I wanted to keep cream.

IMG_1718 IMG_1715

The masking tape wasn’t as sticky as I thought and I was a bit hesitant to peel the tape off incase it seeped underneath.

IMG_1716 IMG_1717

It looked okay when I peeled it off although it did need touching up slightly with cream.

I know the wise words of Annie Sloan is to pick only 4 colours and not to over do it. I could help but add in hints of ambisson blue and english yellow to make a statement to the overall look. I believe the blue against the cream really lifts the lamp stand base.


I found it really helpful working for a experimentation board, something I’d definitely use in future textiles projects. It really helps to break down your colour theory thought process.

Mary had mentioned to me that she would like to write a little something about me on their facebook page and about my lamp shade project on the Sweetpea and Betty website.

I’ve really enjoyed my placement at Sweetpea and Betty, taking part in making the displays, the colour workshops, meeting new designers, revamping lampshades from scratch  and I’m delighted to hear they’ve dedicated a short paragraph about me on their website. ( see link above)

Facebook page screen shot below

sweetpea and betty


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